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Real-Time Cameras: A Guide for Game Designers and Developers

Mark Haigh-Hutchinson. Real-Time Cameras: A Guide for Game Designers and Developers Authors:Mark Haigh-Hutchinson.
Publisher:Morgan Kaufmann
Price:1971.9 rub.

Book Summary:
Learn the key algorithms for real-time camera control as well as how to integrate them into your next game! "Real-Time Cameras: A Guide for Game Designers and Developers" presents a practical approach to real-time camera systems including the theory, design, and implementation of camera control systems to help you present your game from the best possible angles. Written by an experienced game developer, this book will teach you to keep your game cameras under control. Explains camera systems for modern games-a critical and often misunderstood aspect of game development. Includes analysis of camera and control systems from existing games along with practical implementation advice for new systems. Discusses key camera control algorithms, illustrated with pseudo code, and includes a companion website with source code examples and movies demonstrating techniques.

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