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Game Art for Teens, Second Edition

Les Pardew. Game Art for Teens, Second Edition Authors:Les Pardew.
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Book Summary:
Do you want to learn how to create awesome art for games? The kind of art that you see in the games you play at home? Now you can! "Game Art for Teens, Second Edition" gives you real-world instruction in creating 2D and 3D art for games. Each chapter is full of step-by-step projects that show you in detail how to game art is created so that you can get started applying your new skills right away. Every project includes easy-to-follow examples that help you master each concept, making it easy to put what you?ve learned to use in your own games. You?ll begin with the basics?from 2D art creation and animation to 3D models, lighting, and reflections. Set the scene for your game by creating realistic settings, including buildings, terrain, rooms, and corridors. Draw players into your game by designing, developing, and animating compelling characters. Bring it all together as you cover game platforms and technical limitations. Get ready to start creating your very own game art!

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