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CGI: The Art of the 3d Computer-Generated Image

Peter Weishar. CGI: The Art of the 3d Computer-Generated Image Authors:Peter Weishar.
Publisher:Harry N. Abrams
Price:4553 rub.

Book Summary:
The computer-generated image (CGI) is one of the most astounding developments in the rapidly evolving field of digital technology. It allows for the creation of make-believe worlds and characters that are so realistic they fool the eye and the mind. Lord of the Rings , Gladiator , and feature-length 3D animations like Toy Story and Ice Age -films that have left audiences speechless, forever altering our expectations of what a movie can represent-owe their distinctive details, or even their entire creation, to computer-generated imaging. This spectacularly illustrated volume is the first book to consider CGI, from big-screen effects to full-length animated films, from games to fine art, as the art form of the 21st century. Focusing on 3D art only, the most exciting area of the field, the book features CGI's leading creators in film, television, games, and fine art, showcasing approximately 250 examples of their astonishing work in glorious...

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