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Basics to Improve Your Game of Pool

Robert Lavala. Basics to Improve Your Game of Pool Authors:Robert Lavala.
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Book Summary:
Whenever you set out to improve any aspect of your life, whether it is for fun or of a more serious nature, you will need discipline. This one word, and the corresponding actions required by it, are one of the major reasons people fail to see improvement or significant change in their lives - or their game of pool! If you have been playing pool for eons then this little book may remind you of things taken for granted or something that is just out of focus. Many times we get complacent about things we have been doing for a long time. This may serve as a reminder. For those who find themselves in a quandary about why their game is either stagnant or at the very least barely improving, this little book may just nudge you towards a better game. In a minute you are going to read 7 principles to an improved game. Before you do, however, I’d like to share 5 pregame thoughts and a couple of “what abouts” that will also lend to your success when playing. Appendix A will provide 10 drills...

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