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Production Methods: Behind the Scenes of Virtual Inhabited 3d Worlds

K. H. Madsen, L. Qvortrup. Production Methods: Behind the Scenes of Virtual Inhabited 3d Worlds Authors:K. H. Madsen, L. Qvortrup.
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Book Summary:
This book brings you to one of the frontiers of multimedia applications, where computers are used as part of experimental theatre, puppet theatre, art installations, musical performances, museums, entertainment, games and teaching. Bringing together a wealth of knowledge covering theatre production, film production, design, game development, art and software engineering, 3D Production Methods recounts the exciting histories of the origins of specific multimedia products. Each chapter is case-orientated and focuses on the production process, including themes such as: - Scriptwriting techniques - Interdisciplinary co-operative teams - Visualization of ideas - Motivation - Prototyping and experimental systems development - Advice on how to organise multimedia A CD-ROM accompanies this book, containing all figures and video material from some of the cases presented in the book. 3D Production Methods contains edited research papers resulting from a project managed by Professor Lars...

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