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The Game Jam Survival Guide

Christer Kaitila. The Game Jam Survival Guide Authors:Christer Kaitila.
Publisher:Packt Publishing
Price:2871 rub.

Book Summary:
Build a game in one crazy weekend and survive to tell the tale! - Enthusiastic and light-hearted, glimpse the excitement and frantic creativity of game jams. - Motivating, encouraging and infectious, it is sure to help you reach the finish line. - Follow this handbook from brainstorming an idea, over bitter obstacles and on to the sweet finish line: a complete, playable, fun game. - Each stage of game jams is described with task lists and anecdotes relating common experiences, the trials and the tribulations of past game jam champions and losers. - Packed with interviews, tips, tricks and wise words from Ludum Dare and Global Game Jam organisers among other well-known game jammers. In Detail Game jams are fun. They are a creative, exciting, social experience. The goal of a game jam is to design a video game, either alone or in teams, as fast as is humanly possible; usually in a single weekend. The Game Jam...

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